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ASWAT Benefit Concert Nov. 2010
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(Spanish/American, 1983).  


After Annabel’s first year of starting to study violin at age 8 in the Tarrytown School District in New York, she petitioned against the Board of Directors who were threatening to cut the music program.  The following year, after deciding to keep the program, they hired Brittney Webster Trenczer and Annabel studied with Brittney until Annabel graduated in 2002.  She was the Concert Mistress of the Sleepy Hollow High School Orchestra.  During this time, Annabel was also a member of the Rockland Youth Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Dr. Gold and studied privately with Oscar Ravina.  Starting around age 13, she started giving private violin lessons to younger students in the community in her basement.  Music was one of her first passions, alongside studying breakdancing, Flamenco and riding her bike!  


Annabel graduated from Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts with a Bachelor’s Degree Cum Laude in Music Education/Violin .  She studied with Dana Mazurkevich, a student of David Oistrakh.  In addition to performing in the Boston Opera House and Symphony Hall on numerous occasions, she also traveled to NY and performed in Carnegie Hall with her Orchestra.  Annabel also worked part-time in the Regatta Bar Jazz Club as a hostess, where she met numerous musicians including Ron Carter and Esperanza Spalding.  From the beginning and in addition to her musical studies, Annabel sought out yoga centers throughout the city where she could cultivate her burgeoning interest for the practice.


During her time in Boston, she worked for 4 years as a teacher for the Intensive Community Program (ICP) for the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra (BYSO).  This was a rigorous string program serving inner-city youth ages 6 to 18 and was awarded by the National Endowment for the Arts as a “Model Program for Youth and Music.”  She worked as a string teaching apprentice with string pedagogue, Bonnie Black.  She taught private and group lessons to students of violin, viola and double bass.  She also conducted weekly rehearsals with the beginner’s ensemble. 


She was then hired as the Orchestra Teacher and Directer to revive the string program in the public schools of Fairfax, California, just outside of San Francisco.  She worked in the Ross Valley School District full-time for four years and taught violin, viola, cello, bass, guitar, percussion, xylophones, recorder, and general music.  She was the conductor of two Orchestras and taught about 500 students each year.  Outside of work, Annabel played in various music ensembles while living in the Mission District of San Francisco.  She played with the Arab Orchestra (ASWAT), an Indie Folk band (IL GATO), a Russian Folk band (SHARMANKA), with Classical Revolution, and with sound healing groups for Five Rhythm Dances in Santa Cruz.  After receiving her Level 1 and 2 certification with Mark O’Conner, she was invited to attend his Summer Fiddle Camp in Tennessee.  She also performed in a center-circle drum group for the epic burn of the man at Burning Man.   She only owned a car for these four years and she loved taking day and weekend trips enjoying the lush nature of California.  During her final year in San Francisco, she received her Yoga teaching license from Laughing Lotus.  During her final month in SF, at age 28, she finally became an American Citizen.


She then moved to Natal, Brazil in 2012 and studied violin with Donedilk Dantas at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, UFRN.  She also served as a teaching assistant and advisor to a resident professor working to develop a youth string program at the University.  During this time, Annabel also discovered a joy for painting with acrylics and practiced surfing.    


The following Summer, Annabel was hired for three years as the Orchestra Director at the Ossining High School in New York.  Here she conducted two Orchestra-rehearsals daily, taught lessons on violin, viola, cello and bass, taught guitar and piano classes and taught a general music class to children with disabilities.  While in NY, she studied violin privately with Krzysztof Kuznick.  She also studied dance in NYC with Mayte Vicens and Anabella Lenzu.  Annabel also found her passion for growing vegetables, building a home composting system and hosting weekly bon fires.  She also explored living a minimalist lifestyle.  


In the Fall of 2016, Annabel relocated to Barcelona, Spain.  She is an Independent Contractor currently working as an English language conversation specialist in a public school where she conducts English speaking lessons with teachers and children from 2nd of Primary to 4th of Eso.  She also teaches private music lessons and yoga classes at the school.  She received her Kidding Around Yoga Kids Yoga teacher training license in 2019.  She is also currently involved in playing music in various projects within many popular venues in the city.  Although no longer a member, she developed, recorded and performed with the band (ATMA).  She is an ongoing member with a string quartet (CUARTETO MOON), the Electronic Band (PLAYBACK MARACAS), and a DJ/violin trio called (KATETOS).  She is also developing her private project (   


Annabel enjoys exploring the city and the nature with friends.  She is an avid bike rider and has developed a passionate joy for playing frisbee and jump roping.  She developed her skills as a vegan cook and continues to practice yoga both at home and in the sun.  She meditates regularly and enjoys learning about energy medicine.  Any time she can, she loves to dance alone and with others.