All-In Orchestra

For your friends, family, workshops, business staff, or school, I will run creative musical experiences that allow all individuals to playfully express their unique voice and sonic input.  

Members can choose to use their voice, an instrument of choice or one provided.  I am also available for private instrumental instruction.   

Duration of experience can be catered case by case.  

Alt Edu Guide

How can we develop ourselves sustainably and affordably?  

Together we will design an alternative path of study for you or your class.  

Avatar Dance

Come in an outfit of choice that makes you feel sexy and confident.  

Together we will invite the inner voice of the pysical body to communicate its fullest expression  Come to play and express your Avatar spirit. 

Site Specific Collaborations

Calling all dancers, musicians, actors, story tellers and alternative performers. 

Let's collaborate on an artistic piece in a unique location in our community.  Be open to design, rehearse and perform live.  

Accountability Partner

Do you want to start something? Do you want to quit something?  

I will commit to being your Accountability Partner in the process.  We can work via phone, skype or in person.  

Reserve Shotgun

For Community

Do you need a partner to hike up a mountain?  Want to ride through the city on mountain bikes?  Do you need a friend to go camping with?  Do you need someone to ride shotgun?  I can be your partner, friend or plus one.  

For Musicians 

Living without a car and needing a lift to your gig?  I will pick you up and take you and your gear to your show.  I will provide tunes/silence, healthy snacks, treats and beverages to make the ride more of a pleasure.  Relax and center yourself before you play and share.   


What is your favorite soft sound? 

When are you most often alone and wishing you had company?


I will provide a specialized ASMR video just for you. 

Living Room Project

Do you own a public space?  Do you want to expand the use of your space to participate in the Living Room Project?  Be a part of a movement to connect people and transform lives.  

Contact me for more details.  

Food Truck / Spa Truck / Music Truck

This street team project needs to get off the ground to help and share knowledge from our mobile and world wide community. 

This project needs:  ​€50,000 per bus.  

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Back-Up Strings

Do you need extra strings at your show, recording or rehearsal? 

I can read music and improvise on violin, cello and upright bass. 

I can also play backup guitar and auxiliary percussion.

Eng Language/Conversation Assitant/Editor

Practice English language conversation skills in person or on Skype.  I am also available to edit your English writing or papers.  

1-1 Yoga / Meditation

I will provide one-on-one explorations in meditation and yoga and further assist your understanding of the practice. 

Vegan Chef

I am available for parties or meals at home.  I can help in the preparation of healthy food.  If you need company to better explore plant-based diets, I am happy to join you.  

Environmental Impact Coach

How do you recycle?  How do you compost?  What is your garbage output?  How can you offset or reorganize your form of transportation?  What is your relationship to material posessesions in your living space?  Let's minimize, reorganize and donate.  

Together we will reflect on your living environment and design methods for its improvement. 


Financial Therapy

Learn new habits to think about, organize and use money.  

Reflect on your personal beliefs about money and move towards an abundance mindset. 

Gothic Postcards

Do you want to receive personalized music videos expressing the devine feminine? 

Each postcard is 3 minutes long. 

Audio Book Recordings

I am available to read books for audio book recordings.  

Sex Radio Project

Participate in the long term sex radio project.  

Together we will discuss topics about sex to share and deepen our understanding of our private world.

Rent a viewing of my Graphic Novel

This is an ongoing art project created by ai.   I will mail the project to you where you can read and explore the pages of the graphic novel. 

Please return pages to their original positions.    

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Jairo Enrique Benitez Habib

"When you are a musician as I am, life pushes you in all directions and sometimes with little energy to organize stuff.  Some people say that those who are messy are creative. However, organization is part of creativity.  Space and time serve an important roll in our organization and our creativity.  When Annabel appeared to "Feng Shui my Shit" as an Environmental Impact Coach, she gave me little taps that encouraged me to create flow in my home.  These changes keep things moving and I'm now doing it on my own.  Isn't it great to gain control over your environment in order to let the ideas flow?  I believe Feng Shui  goes about this.  Whatever she did, she changed little things that gave me the chance to see the world with new eyes.  Suddenly stability arrived and my vision expanded.  I felt more spacious, bigger, better, faster and invisible.  Always moving to the next level, I am looking forward.  About Annabel: She is like a little wind that appears only on those moments when you feel illuminated.  Plenty of wisdom, she is the kind of person who lets you understand life with another point of view far from your own with plenty of positivity and creativity as a child with any kind of knowledge. Cute is one of her best qualities, but also deep.  She can be up and also down to speak to you as a friend or just a person to co-create your reality with more choices. " - August 8, 2018


Mireia Meia


"Annabel helped me as an english editor of my songs. It was easy to work with her.  I really love the results.  It inspired me working with her and connecting with her. She has a strong intuition and she can intuit.  Besides she has vision. Artisticly speaking, she is multidimensional and with a deep spirit.


Annabel me ha ayudado como editora de mis canciones en inglés. Su colaboración ha sido muy importante para mi arte , porque no sólo es muy fácil trabajar con ella sino que además posee una gran intuición y una visión artística muy amplia que enriquece cualquier diálogo artístico. Tiene una gran sensibilidad poética y una gran capacidad de absorber la esencia de una obra artística y de trabajarla con libertad, sin complejos y con mucha sabiduría. Definitivamente recomiendo cualquier complicidad artística en la que ella intervenga."  - August 28, 2018