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A Plan is in Place

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

Finally I have seen and written down my vision. It is clear that I want to spend the next few years developing my projects: Two blogs (one for "Music/Food Education" and another for "The Traveling Developing Musician") and my website and creations for Automatic Music Experience. I will travel for the purpose of learning about Violin/Music, Food (Vegan/Ayurveda), Learn about Holistic Health, Visit Friends, and to Visit Family. I will meet my lover and partner with whom I will start my family. Within the next year, I will replace $5,555 to my savings account. Going forward, I will earn a six figure salary each year. I will publish my book and it will be sold all over the world. I will earn a high income from my blogs and book publishings. I will tour as a musician and dancer for high paying bands. I will earn an exciting salary from performing. I will have an apartment in my favorite city and a futuristic rural country home. I will live mortgage free. I will open a public space based on my model called "La Sala." This will be a modern educational space which will serve as a model to be replicated in other towns and cities. I will be a part by my loving community, living a life full of music/art, creativity, nature and adventure. I will have at least 3 months off during the Summer to do as I please, such as return to the States and travel to the National Parks in a Caravan with my family. I live a life of simplicity and enthusiasm. I receive the gifts of the Universe as I am living aligned to my Source's Vision of myself.

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