• Nana

I listened to a Source Message.

Today, I woke up at 7am and made myself a delicious lunch of chickpeas, arugula, cilantro, avocado, carrots, lemon and olive oil from Siurana. I ate my bomb oat breakfast and practiced 10 minutes of Qi Gong before leaving for work. My day opened up and I was able to leave early from work. I also was able to eat my lunch in calm. I had received the message to present myself on the street and offer people to play my violin for a fee. I came home and made a sign. I sat on a major thoroughfare of Barcelona with my sign propping open my violin case. I had three smiles aimed my way, but no one stopped. I wasn't sure how to engage with people and I feel they were turned off by prices. I will have to try again with a new approach. I went home (via a coffee break ... this is the ultimate addiction that we must drop still ). I was then inspired to check out an Acupuncture center. I received a full explanation of the center. Universe I am ready to receive more financial abundance on a regular basis so that I can fund the three things that make me feel better in my body: talk therapy, physicotherapy, and acupuncture. Today I was guided to Energy Medicine and music. My violin spoke to me and she felt unplayed. I played her. I felt good and inspired with flow.

Dear Universe,

I need a home where I feel safe to express myself (good or bad), I feel that I am a permanent member, I feel that the home is clean and balanced with the best Feng Shui for me, I am comfortable and loved. I feel stimulated and included. I feel the sun present in the home. I feel sexy, alive and inspired. I feel that it is my home and it is my space. It is clean and all works perfectly. It is in a location I desire and close to all I need close. It is easy to pay for the home and somehow I am living mortgage free. I love the people I live with and they love me in a sweet and active way. I feel connected to the Abundance matrix and emotionally supported and protected. I am living in a luxurious home where I feel the wealthy that I am. Home supports me. Thank you for this cosmic gift.

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