• Nana

Positive Observations Popping Up

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Yesterday, I met three new friends and danced into the evening. I was asked to complete an Automatic Music Experience assignment of "Feng Shui Your Shit" and I was also asked to teach some guitar theory to a developing musician.

I decorated my money corner with a green ring wrapped around €100. I have also placed a Euro cent that represents abundance directed towards me.

I allow myself to say yes when someone offers to pay me for my services. I will be financially supported by the natural knowledge that I have to share.

Today, an Energy Medicine tutorial has visited me via MindValley Academy. I also made a delicious hummus!

I see a few Shadows: the energetic affect on my body when people use abrasive, erratic, or aggressive tones of voice. I go into fight mode. I must maintain zen during these moments. A new clarity arises in the fase of that discomfort. Also, I see how I can doubt my sexiness when I am put on the spot. Continue to accept myself and don't take myself so seriously! This was, however, on the dance floor and not in the bedroom.

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