• Nana

Week Review

This week. There are a few interesting highlights from the week. On Wednesday, I rehearsed violin Automatic Music with a fire dancer on the Montjuic Mountain. We are inspired to create together. That evening, I also met up with the leader of my Jazz Fusion band and our Icon Girl, Lidia, for dinner. We shared some laughs and some delicious food made by Jairo. I was able to speak to my sister and feel her support and motivation. I also started a course on OmDaily called "I am a Money Magnet." I aso purchased very important stones for only €1/2/3 each that were recommended by this course. Within 24 hours, my quartet was offered a Wedding Gig, my friend offered to pay me to bring a mic and an online job granted me permission to work abroad using their site. There was some resistance that arose around coordinating dates and details and I ended up staying home on Friday so I didn't actually earn. I didn't really want to share my Mic. Nonetheless, money started to flow in my direction. I have to now prepare some elements and restart the course. Let's see where I arrive in 30 days.

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